Mountain Monk

Buddhist monk in front of mountain

I took this photo in July, 2015. It was my first time visiting Independence Mine, up Hatcher Pass in Alaska. We explored the abandoned mine and followed various footpaths in the surrounding mountain scene. I really wasn’t sure where the trails would take me. Every once in awhile, a flash of orange could be seen scrambling up the rocky landscape. The color contrasted so beautifully with the gray of the mountains. Despite the contrast, the orange robes of the Buddhist monk seemed to belong in this setting.

As we were leaving, I looked back to see this scene. I managed to snap this photo from the back seat of a moving pick-up truck. I was surprised I was able to get the scene in focus and without motion blur. During post-processing, I desaturated everything but the orange to make the image stand out the way it always will in my memory.

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